Aberdeen Based HyTrEc2 Project Finalist for the RegioStar Awards

Aberdeen based HyTrEc2 project has been chosen among the 25 finalists for the RegioStars Awards. HyTrEc2 is selected within the category "Industrial Transition for a Smart Europe".

This year has seen an unprecedented number of applications for the RegioStars Awards, with 206 projects applying in total.

A future with green hydrogen 

HyTrEc2 is successfully taking the concept of hydrogen as a clean fuel to the next level.

Working with a broad range of stakeholders from citizens to international energy companies, the project is promoting green hydrogen made from wind and solar energy.

Although hydrogen is in itself a clean fuel, its production requires energy, so it matters how it is produced. The importance of green hydrogen is emphasised in the new EU Hydrogen Strategy, which was recently unveiled. The strategy underlines the rising importance of hydrogen as part of the green energy transition.

The project tackles a host of challenges of introducing hydrogen, including the development of innovative hydrogen vehicles and skill-building in the supply chain. 

Reducing the carbon footprint of transport as set out in the EU Green Deal is a tough challenge. In Europe, transport is the only area where CO2 emissions are not falling. There is a clear need for a significant transformation of the transport sector, and green hydrogen could be a big part of the answer.

Big congratulations to HyTrEc2 on being selected for the final round in Brussels!

Vote for HyTrEc2

If you like the project's work to build a strong green hydrogen economy in the North Sea Region, you can now vote for HyTrEc2. In addition to the category awards, one project will recieve a public choice award based on the number of votes. 

See the list of finalists and cast your vote

Scott Govan
Circular Economy and Bio-economy
Energy Efficiency