About us

The Scottish Funding Portal was originally a partnership project between Scotland Europa, Scottish Government, East of Scotland European Consortium, and West of Scotland European Forum, developed in response to demand from Scottish stakeholders to establish a single source of information on EU Funding.

It is now solely managed by Scotland Europa, which is part of Scottish Enterprise (Scotland’s national economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government), providing news and information, including events and webinars, on the EU Funding for which Scotland is still eligible from 1 January 2021, following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. It is also continuing to look at other funding opportunities, both domestic and international, that may be of interest to users.


Information on EU and other funding programmes

The Scottish Funding Portal is intended as an information-sharing resource providing summary information on EU and other funding programmes, programme contacts, details of funding calls, and links to more detailed information for anything that may be of interest. The aim is to highlight and broaden the knowledge of available funding and, ultimately, to result in a greater uptake of the various funds by Scottish organisations.

If you have a project idea, you will be able to search by a variety of fields – such as programme, funding source or theme – to find the right programme or call for you.


Registering as a user

Make sure you keep updated on the latest programme information, funding calls, news, and events by registering on the Portal, creating a user profile, and signing up to receive weekly alerts from us. You can narrow down the alerts you receive by selecting only the themes that are of specific interest to you.


Partner searching

Are you looking for Scottish partners to collaborate on a project? You can use the ‘Find Scottish Partners’ search tool to find potential partners. You can search by name if you have a specific organisation in mind, by theme if you are looking for partners with similar interests, by sector, or even by using the map function if you are looking for organisations in a particular area. Registered organisations who have chosen to make their details public will appear in your search.


Case studies  

All registered users can request to share case studies of projects or programmes with which they are involved.  If you have a completed project or a story that you think will be of interest to a wider audience, please feel free to submit it for approval to be published on the Portal by logging in to your account and going to the ‘Case studies’ tab to create a new case study.