Atlantic Area Programme: Compendium of Projects – Addendum to 4th Call (2013)

The Atlantic Area Programme has published an Addendum to the Compendium of Projects to present the 8 projects approved under the 4th Call for projects in 2013. 

The purpose of the publication is to show the contribution of these projects to the Atlantic Area of cooperation, through the dissemination of their activities, outcomes and partnerships.

It provides detailed information on the 8 projects which highlight a Programme strategy with an ambition to make a qualitative leap in cooperation and economic diversification to enhance the many facets of maritime heritage and to strengthen synergies between cities and regions.

The University of Strathclyde features as one of the international partners in the STAMAR: ICT and Maritime Innovation project.

Click here to download the Addendum to Compendium of Projects

Fiona Watson - Scottish Enterprise