Become a member of the Commission expert group on Support to Circular Economy Financing

As part of the Circular Economy Finance Support Platform launched on 26 January 2017, the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation has set up a group of experts.

The Support to Circular Economy Financing Expert Group is an informal Commission expert group operating in accordance with the horizontal Rules for Commission Expert Groups and registered in the Commission's Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities.

By means of this call, the Commission is seeking applications in order to select members from National promotional banks or institutions and from organisations in the broad sense of the word, with expertise in circular economy practice, project generation and financing including companies, associations, NonGovernmental Organisations, financial institutions such as private institutional investors, trade unions, universities, research institutes, law firms and consultancies.

Read more on the Commission's website (PDF)

Rickard Eksten
Circular Economy and Bio-economy