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Project Development Support

If you are a Scottish organisation looking for support with the development of an EU project, we would advise you firstly to contact the National Contact Point (NCP) for the relevant EU Programme. Contact details for NCPs can be found in individual Programme listings under the specific ‘Focus Areas’ sub-pages. Please be aware that some programmes may have multiple NCPs, so please check the specific Focus Area related to the funding call to which you are applying.

Similarly, for non-EU funding programmes, you will find contact details under the relevant programme/focus area listing.

There are also a number of other support services depending on your sector and location.  Here are the main organisations who may be able to assist you:

  • Enterprise Europe Network – your local gateway to a wealth of information on doing business, finding collaborative partners and increasing your competitiveness in Europe. Their expertise and services are available free to Scottish-based businesses.
  • Scotland Europa – a membership-based organisation promoting Scotland’s interests across the various European Union institutions, European regions and Member States. It supports its members with with a team of EU funding specialists who provide strategic advice and project development support.
  • East of Scotland European Consortium – supports local authority members in the East of Scotland to develop transnational EU projects.
  • Interface – works with organisations of all sizes and from all industry sectors to match and connect them to the right academic expertise available within Scotland, including specialist technologies and facilities, helping them to develop and grow their businesses.