EIT Digital London and Edinburgh pre-reviewing EIT Digital 2021 draft online proposals

Pre- review of Online Proposals for latest EIT Digital call

The UK team will be pre-reviewing draft ONLINE proposals for the latest EIT Digital call.  If you wish to take advantage of this important round of feedback, please notify  them, ensuring your online submission is uploaded by Friday 27th March.

This reviews will take place after the upcoming EIT Digital remote match-making session being held between 24 - 26th March -- full details can be found here.

The EIT Digital 2021 Proposal deadline is the 7th May.

 The UK EIT Digital Team have provided supporting documentation as follows which can be accessed here

  • EIT Digital Introduction presentation
  • Offline Proposal Application Form in MS Word
  • Offline Financial Model in excel plus Guidance Notes
  • Proposal Summary
  • Partner Request Forms

The above information was provided by london@eitdigital.eu

Scottish applicants can contact martin.beaton@eitdigital.eu 

Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services
Digital Agenda
Industrial Innovation