Erasmus+ Call: Action 3 – Support for SMEs engaging in apprenticeships. Deadline 15 January 2016


The Call for proposals under Erasums+ Action 3 Support for Policy Reform - Support for SMEs Engaging in Apprenticeships - has just been published.

The objective of this call is building the capacity of organisations to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in either newly engaging in, or substantially increasing their apprenticeships.  

Note: this call does not provide financial support to SMEs directly.

Grants will be awarded to:

  • partnerships on building capacities for intermediary bodies or partnerships established by large companies to support SMEs (lot 1)
  • European level networks and organisations supporting SMEs through their national members or affiliates (lot 2).

For information about the Call go to: Action 3 Call: Support for SMEs Engaging in Apprenticeships

Fiona Watson - Scottish Enterprise