EU Proposal Co-ordinator Vacancy – Edinburgh University (Ref: 037746)

Description :

Working with the European Funding Advisor, to deliver a proactive service and to implement the University of Edinburgh’s EU research funding strategy. Ensuring that Edinburgh has a leading EU profile and is able to maximise its share of funding from all EU research-related schemes, in particular Horizon 2020.

To enable RSO to offer an enhanced EU service, and working in tandem with our Research Support Advisors (RSAs), the post holder will provide a high quality proposal development and writing service to ensure high-quality proposals are submitted.


Main Responsibilities and Approx. % of time :

In collaboration with project lead, Research Support Advisors and EU Team, liaise with all project partners, drafting, compiling and collating text as appropriate. Advising on how to strengthen applications, taking into account the priorities and requirements of funding schemes to maximise the opportunity of success and return to the University. (60%)

To liaise with Research Support Advisors and EU Team on budget, impact, management structure and work packages as well as to share knowledge and experience gained from the different steps in the application and negotiation process. (10%)

To develop and maintain an overview of the main funding schemes and their priorities, and a specialist knowledge of the requirements of a good application and how to sell a project. To proactively disseminate information on European funding of interest to UEDIN’s departments and organise training events on all relevant H2020 funding schemes. (30%)


More information can be found on the University of Edinburgh website using the reference 037746. 

Stephanie Abrahams - Scotland Europa