Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU ) 2019 Annual Work Plan 2019

The FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN 2 JOINT UNDERTAKING has now published the Work plan for 2019.

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This document includes the upcoming funding opportunities with a total value of €80.8 Million. 

  • Transport: €27.3 million for 5 projects
  • Energy: €28.5 million for 8 projects
  • Overarching: €20 million exclusively for the H2 valley project
  • Cross-cutting: €5 million for 3 project

You will  find within this document the details about the Challenges they are looking to solve, the Scope and size of the project and theexpected Impacts.

The deadlines for submission will be 23rd of April

Below the heading for each opportunity


  • FCH-01-1-2019: Demonstrating the blueprint for a zero-emission logistics ecosystem
  • FCH-01-2-2019: Scaling up and demonstration of a multi-MW Fuel Cell system for shipping
  • FCH-01-3-2019: Cyber-physical platform for hybrid Fuel Cell systems
  • FCH-01-4-2019: Towards a better understanding of charge, mass and heat transports in new generation PEMFC MEA for automotive applications
  • FCH-01-5-2019: Underground storage HRS


  • FCH-02-1-2019: Combined electrolyser-HRS and Power-to-Gas system
  • FCH-02-2-2019: Multi megawatt high-temperature electrolyser for valorisation as energy vector in energy intensive industry
  • FCH-02-3-2019: Continuous supply of green or low carbon H2 and CHP via Solid Oxide Cell based Polygeneration
  • FCH-02-4-2019: New Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysers
  • FCH-02-5-2019: Systematic validation of the ability to inject hydrogen at various admixture level into high-pressure gas networks in operational conditions
  • FCH-02-6-2019: New materials, architectures and manufacturing processes for Solid Oxide Cells
  • FCH-02-7-2019: Development of highly efficient and flexible mini CHP fuel cell system based on HTPEMFCs
  • FCH-02-8-2019: Enhancement of durability and reliability of stationary PEM and SOFC systems by implementation and integration of advanced diagnostic and control tools


  • FCH-03-1-2019: H2 Valley


  • FCH-04-1-2019: Training of Responders;
  • FCH-04-2-2019: Refueling Protocols for Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles.
  • FCH-04-3-2019: Hydrogen admixtures in natural gas domestic and commercial end uses
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