Horizon 2020 Treasury Guarantee update : Request to register projects

On the 27th September the UK Government  launched a bespoke portal  for use by UK organisations who have been funded via the European Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020. This is to gather information about projects which, if needed will  be eligible to be  underwritten by the Treasury Guarantee.

Although it is the UK and the EU’s intention is that UK researchers and businesses will continue to be eligible to participate in Horizon 2020 for the remaining duration of the programme (as detailed within the draft Withdrawal Agreement) the Science Minister Sam Gyimah confirmed that 'while we do not want nor expect no deal, it is right that we plan for every eventuality.  

The launch of the new UKRI portal is the next step in a commitment to the recipients of Horizon 2020 funding that will guarantee funding for the duration of the programme.

By submitting details about projects UKRI can keep UK researchers and businesses informed of the next steps if the government needs to underwrite Horizon 2020 payments –  The guarantee will however only be implemented if no deal agreed between the European Union and the United Kingdom Government.

You can register your projects via https://apply-for-innovation-funding.service.gov.uk/eu-grant/overview.   

This process should not take longer than 10 minutes  for each project

The information that  is required in addition to your organisations contact details are

  • Grant agreement number
  • You organisations Participant identification code
  • Type of action i.e. the funding scheme you applied for.
  • Project name
  • Project start and finish date
  • EU funding contribution for above project (EUR)
  • If your organisation is coordinating the project

You can register one Horizon 2020 project at a time. For help registering multiple projects, email EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org.

Further information about the Treasury Guarantee  can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-participation-in-horizon-2020-uk-government-overview 

If you  have any questions about Horizon 2020 or the Treasury Guarantee contact richard.buxbaum@scotent.co.uk


Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services
Industrial Innovation