Horizon Europe Funding Guarantee – Press Release Information

The UK Government announced recently (Tuesday 15 March, 2022) an extension to the funding guarantee to Horizon Europe applicants. Please find a link to the press release, and a new letter to the sector from the Minister.

To summary, the guarantee has been extended to include those calls for awards expected to be signed by the end of December 2022.

It covers all eligible, current applications to calls where applicants expect to sign grant agreements this year. In practice this covers all calls for proposals with a submission date before the end of April 2022. Details of the updated terms of the guarantee are on the UKRI website Horizon Europe guarantee notice and guidance - UKRI, and the Annex section (pages 15–17) of the document lists all calls covered by the guarantee. 

Please note that the funding will continue to be delivered through UKRI.

The UK Government’s position remains committed to associate to Horizon Europe, but there are still ongoing delays to securing UK’s formal association. The UK guarantee is designed to provide continuity and assurance to UK organisations applying to Horizon Europe until matters are resolved concerning formal UK association.  

Scott Govan
Industrial Innovation
SME Innovation
Regional Innovation & Investment
Entrepreneurship and Industry
Digital Agenda
Creative Industries
Blue Growth
Health, Well-being and Life Sciences
Inclusive Growth and Employability
People (Jobs, Skills & Social Rights)
Skills and Workforce Development
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Energy Efficiency
Low Carbon
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Asylum and Migration
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