Horizon Europe: Important Update on UK Participation (Thursday 21 July 2022)

It remains the UK Government’s position that UK association to Horizon Europe will benefit everyone, enabling countries across Europe to work together on shared challenges. However, given the delays, the UK government has published its proposal for transitional measures and outlined the longer-term alternatives in the case of non-association. 

(1) Current UK Participation in Horizon Europe Proposals - UK organisations can already apply to Horizon Europe. UK organisations are treated as an Associated Country at the application stage as stated in the European Commission's Q&A on the UK’s Participation in Horizon Europe. Therefore UK organisations should continue to apply to Horizon Europe and request European Commission funding in the proposal. 

(2) UK Horizon Europe Guarantee and Recent Update - because the UK's association to Horizon Europe has been delayed, in November 2021 the UK government established a guarantee scheme. The guarantee means that successful UK Horizon Europe applicants will receive funding (via UKRI and for the lifetime of the grant) regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to associate with Horizon Europe. The latest update (18th July 2022) includes additional mission calls added to the scope of the guarantee, provisional launch timings for additional MSCA calls and an update to the FAQs. 

(3) New UK Government Proposals (Announced on 20th July 2022) for a Package of Transitional Measures to Support Research and Innovation Sector Affected by Delays to UK Horizon Europe Association.  The UK government’s preference remains association and the government continues to do everything it can towards association, but given the delays the UK must be prepared for all scenarios. The UK government has set out a new package of transitional measures to support the research and innovation sector affected by the Horizon Europe association delays, and to ensure the stability and continuity of funding for researchers and businesses. These transitional measures will come into force if the UK is not able to associate to Horizon Europe. This includes: an extension to the Horizon Europe guarantee; a commitment to assess any 'in-flight' applications; and a commitment to fund all eligible UK entities participating as part of consortia in calls open to 'third countries' where the Grant Agreement is signed before 31 March 2025. Further details are available in the UK government news story and policy paper

Given the updates above, all eligible UK entities participating as part of consortia in calls open to 'third countries' where the Grant Agreement is signed before 31st March 2025 will be funded. The UK government will fund this in the case of non association (as well as for the duration of any grants signed before association).

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