IMI consultation on advanced therapies – have your say (Deadline 25 July 2016)

The field of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) is scientifically progressing at a very fast pace, as demonstrated by the number and variety of clinical trials conducted over the last five years, yet there are numerous factors that have complicated the translation from research into patient access.

IMI, in collaboration with key stakeholders, has developed a concept paper on advanced therapies which we are posting for public consultation. The aim of the concept paper is to identify the potential of IMI as a platform for enhancing ATMP research and development.

Contributors who wish to submit comments on the concept paper are encouraged to consider in particular the following questions:

  • Have the key challenges that can be addressed through collaborative, public-private initiatives been properly identified?
  • Which of the proposed potential initiatives should be prioritised?
  • Are any areas missing?
  • What are the key European or national initiatives that IMI should synergise with?

Deadline for submitting comments: 25 July 2016

More information on the consultation, including details of how to submit comments, can be found on the IMI website.

Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services
SME Innovation
Health, Well-being and Life Sciences