IMI has launched its 5th Call for proposals under IMI 2, with topics on Alzheimer's disease,diabetic kidney disease, and patient engagement in research and drug development.

Submission deadline: 13 October 2015

Call description

  • Topic 1: Patient perspective elicitation on benefits and risks of medicinal products, from development through the entire life cycle, to inform the decision-making process by regulators and health technology assessment bodies      
  • Topic 2: Diabetic kidney disease biomarkers (DKD-BM)
  • Topic 3: Inflammation and AD: modulating microglia function – focussing on TREM2 and CD33
  • Topic 4: Understanding the role of amyloid imaging biomarkers in the current and future diagnosis and management of patients across the spectrum of cognitive impairment (from pre-dementia to dementia)   
  • Topic 5: Evolving models of patient engagement and access for earlier identification of Alzheimer’s disease: phased expansion study           
  • Topic 6: From ApoE biology to validated Alzheimer’s disease targets     


Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services