IMI’s coronavirus projects get underway: Including CARE (Corona accelerated R&D in Europe)

The latest Innovative Medicines Initiative newsletter includes an update on the first batch of coronavirus projects funded through the programme. These projects will develop the treatments and rapid diagnostic tests that are needed to tackle the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as future coronavirus outbreaks 

The feature article included the CARE (Corona accelerated R&D in Europe) project which involves collaboration between 37 partners including the University of Edinburgh, Exscientia Limited (Dundee) and the University of Dundee

To find out more visit Factsheet | Interview with the project

Part of the project will focus on ‘repurposing’, in which drugs designed for other diseases are ‘repurposed’ for a new disease. Because a lot of work has already been carried out on these compounds, repurposing can deliver relatively rapid results.

The project also aims to deliver new drugs designed specifically to treat COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. To identify potential drugs, the project will screen 600 000 compounds across different libraries. They will also investigate antibodies capable of neutralising the virus.

The other projects highlighted in the newsletter include MAD-CoV-2,  ImpentriDECISION and RAPID-COVID


Richard Buxbaum
Health, Well-being and Life Sciences