Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2) launches €45 million Call on coronavirus (Deadline 31st March)


The Innovative Medicines Initiative has launched a fast-track, single stage Call for proposals to address the development of therapeutics to tackle current and future coronavirus outbreaks.  

Further details about the call , including a Q&A document are now available on:

IMI Website~:

EC Participant Portal:

Proposals submitted under this topic are expected to advance the knowledge specifically on COVID-19 and more widely on the coronavirus family with the aim of contributing to an efficient patient management and/or public health preparedness and response to current and future of coronavirus infection.

Considering that this is a newly identified virus, the scope of this topic remains broad and must address at least one of the following objectives:

  • Development of therapeutics to address a rapid response towards the current COVID-19 outbreak: relevant “clinical ready”-assets include approved therapies or compounds in development, which could be repurposed for use in treating patients with the coronavirus.
  • Development of therapeutics to address the current and/or future coronaviruses outbreaks: identification of new potential assets and approaches that could be utilised including preventive strategies and combination approaches and could also address potential resistance. This may also include optimisation of promising treatments used in rapid response (e.g. reformulation).
  • Development of diagnostics, ensuring rapid evaluation of candidates based on existing technologies, to allow for fast case detection and surveillance.
  • Development of fast and reliable detection of COVID-19 carriers and symptomatic individuals suspected of COVID-19 infection. This can be achieved through point of care (POC) testing or centralised testing.
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