Innovative Medicines Initiative: Information on future Call topics published

Further details on future funding calls, to take place in 2020 have been published by the Innovative Medicines Initiative 

The list of topics under discussion is given below; more information can be found in this document

Discussions on these topics are still in their early stages, for this reason the topics may still change considerably / be removed.

They have been published in order to give potential applicants a glimpse into what is under development in the longer term, and provide additional time to enhance their network.

Future updates can be found on the IMI website 

Neurodegeneration and other neuroscience priorities

  • Digital endpoints and placebo effect in chronic pain

Infection control including vaccines

  • Development of innovative personalized diagnostics and patient-guided therapies for the management of sepsis-induced immune suppression

Big data, digital health, clinical trials and regulatory research

  • Data lakes


  • Prospective real-world clinical implementation of liquid biopsies
  • Tumour plasticity

Facilitating the translation of advanced therapies to patients in Europe

  • Optimising patient access to new therapies for rare diseases
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