Latest Update on Access to EU Funds

EU Funding from Friday 1 January, 2021

With the Transition Period due to come to an end on 31 December 2020, we wanted to provide a summary of what we currently know about the position for UK applicants from 1st January 2021. 

Current EU funding

Although the UK has left the EU, UK applicants will continue to get any EU funding that they have already been awarded for the lifetime of the individual project. This includes any funding they are due to get after 31 December 2020 if the project finishes after this date.  

Applying for new EU funding

Some funds will still accept applications under the current Programming Period (2014 – 2020) during 2021 – the deadline will depend on the specific fund. Please check the EU Funding Guidance page on the UK Government website for any updates. The EU funds still open to UK applicants are also listed on this page

Future EU funding

Negotiations on the UK’s access to EU Programmes post-2020 are still ongoing. Therefore, it has not been agreed which EU funding UK organisations will be able to access under the next Programming Period 2021-2027.

However, in its publication 'The Future Relationship with the EU', the UK Government states that it is ready to consider standard third country participation in certain programmes where it is in the UK’s and the EU’s interest to do so. It will consider a relationship in line with non-EU Member State participation with the following programmes: 

  • Horizon - If the UK is formally associated to Horizon Europe, the funding for UK participants will be allocated to the relevant organisations by the EU.
  • Euratom Research and Training
  • Copernicus

It will also consider options for participation in elements of Erasmus+ on a time-limited basis, provided the terms are in its interests. 

Finally, the UK also notes its specific ongoing commitment to delivering the PEACE PLUS Programme. It will deliver the PEACE PLUS Programme as part of its commitment to uphold peace in Northern Ireland. The UK will work with the European Commission and the Irish Government to shape the programme, maintaining the current funding proportions for the future programme.  

Interreg Programmes

The UK Government has previously stated that it will not participate in the new 2021-2027 European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) Programmes, also referred to as ‘Interreg’ programmes. However, with Interreg programmes covering several themes that are important to Scotland, such as promoting greener initiatives, health, social inclusion, and innovation, the Scottish Government remains committed to its continued involvement and to building on successful collaborations established with European partner countries over its thirty years’ participation.  

Their team continue to work with colleagues in the Devolved Administrations and Member States to ensure this.

Please refer to the Scottish Government’s 'European Territorial Cooperation Programmes 2021-2027: consultation report' for more information regarding their position on Interreg post-2020.  

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