MaRINET2 opens call for free access to testing facilities

The MaRINET2 project has opened a call for applications today. Successful applicants will receive free access to a world-leading network of testing and research infrastructures. The call is open to offshore energy technology developers, including wind, wave and tidal energy at system and component level. It is open until 20th May 2017.

MaRINET2 is a €10.5m project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, and coordinated by the MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) Centre. The project will accelerate the development of offshore renewable energy technologies by providing free-of-charge access to a network of 57 research facilities across Europe. Access will be granted through a series of competitive calls for applicants.


For details on eligibility criteria, how to apply, available testing infrastructures etc, please visit the Marinet2 website:

For further information, contact:

Christophe Maisondieu
IFREMER and MaRINET2 Trans-National Access Coordinator
+332 98 22 47 33

Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services
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