New European Institute of Innovation and Technology COVID -19 Innovation and Investment Calls

A number of new COVID -19 calls have been launched by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology communities as part of the EIT crisis response initiative.

The financing will support new innovation projects to address the immediate crisis as part of the ‘Pandemic Response Projects’, and support innovative start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs crucial to the economy’s fast recovery through funding via a ‘Venture Support Instrument’.

The deadlines for all these are very short with each opportunity has different objectives and eligibility.

Opportunities will be promoted on the our activities covid-19 response page

Calls details:

EIT Food COVID-19 Bridge Fund - Call for applications (28th May)
EIT Food: COVID-19 Rapid Response Call for Innovation projects (28th May)
EIT Health Start-up Rescue Instrument
EIT Manufacturing -Open call for fast-track innovation projects and scale-up and SME support in response to the COVID-19 crisis (25th May)
EIT RAW Materials: Booster Call for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in response to the COVID-19 crisis (12th June)
EIT Digital: Data against COVID-19 closing date 25th May
EIT Urban Mobility launches a COVID-19 Response Call for activities in 2020 (31st May)



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SME Innovation
Health, Well-being and Life Sciences
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Manufacturing and Enabling Technologies