Partner Search: URBACT Transfer Networks

The URBACT call for Transfer Networks is open until 10 January 2018. Each Network will be led by one of the designated Good Practices.

The cities identified below are looking for partners to join their network submission. You can contact the partners via the links given in each description.

More general information on the Transfer Networks can be found here 

Blue Growth
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Maritime Economy

The city of Piraeus (Greece) has established a Blue Growth initiative, which aims to inspire and help young entrepreneurs realise innovative concepts and develop jobs and services related to marine and freshwater resources.

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Resident Service Points
Innovative delivery of public services 

The city of Rzeszow (Poland) has established a series of Resident Services Points (RSPs) to improve the accessibility and provision of public services by providing services in accessible locations.

More information here.

Collective School Catering
A sustainable local agri-food initiative

The town of Mouans-Sartoux (France) connects food, health and environmental issues with the creation of a municipal farm, where two farmers are employed to grow vegetables for school canteens, meeting 85% of the needs of the three local schools with food that is 100% local and organic.

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Fiona Watson - Scottish Enterprise
Urban and Smart Cities