Save the date for workshops on Future European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

The Scottish Government are organising a series of workshops of the future of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, otherwise more commonly referred to as Interreg Programmes. 

This is an excellent opportunity for organisations who have previously taken part in these Programmes or those interested in Scotland’s future relationship with other countries through engagement in these programmes, to makes their views heard! 

The areas the Scottish Government are especially keen to understand better are:

  • What are stakeholders’ interests in working with other countries on through future European Territorial Cooperation programmes?
  •  If we need to prioritise, what areas or partner countries should Scottish stakeholders prioritise?

The Scottish Government will also provide stakeholders with an update on the work they are doing and planned next steps. 



Dundee, 21 August 2019

Edinburgh, 30 August 2019

Glasgow, 5 September 2019

Inverness, 9 September 2019  


Further Information:

What are European Territorial Cooperation Programmes?

Scotland currently takes part in seven different European Territorial Cooperation programmes. These programmes give funding to organisations from different countries to work together on projects which help achieve the aims of the programme.

Typically these projects support partners to undertake joint activities or develop joint benefits in tackling shared problems and/or challenges​.  They involve a minimum of 3 EU Member State partners (or associated countries)​.

A practical example of this is Circular Ocean which involves organisations from four different countries and is about developing, sharing and testing new solutions and opportunities for processing, recycling and repurposing of marine plastic waste among Northern European and Arctic regions.


Can we still take part in European Territorial Cooperation Programmes after Brexit?

Post 2020

Non-EU countries like Greenland currently take part in European Territorial Cooperation Programmes.  Therefore, provided there is an agreement in place between the UK Government and the EU, the UK could continue to be part of these programmes post 2020.

The Scottish Government values the opportunities that European Territorial Cooperation Programmes give organisations in Scotland and are committed to continuing to take part. 

However, the UK Government has yet to make a commitment to taking part in European Territorial Cooperation Programmes post 2020.



Should 'No Deal' scenario apply upon the date of the UK's departure from the EU; the UK Government has provided a Guarantee to underwrite all awarded EU projects by Decemeber 2020 with UK partners involved. For Interreg this would mean a stage 2 application would need to be approved by the Programme Steering Committee by the end of December 2020 for the UK Guarantee to take effect. The UK Government has ssued a technical note on the Guarantee in relation to the Interreg programmes in April this year which helps would be applicants make informed plans and preparations. 

Ingrid Green - Scotland Europa
Regional Development