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Scottish Public Sector and Strategic Partnering

Scotland Europa, part of Scottish Enterprise, provides a hub for Scottish organisations who aim for a stronger, strategic positioning in European affairs, including collaborative projects and partnerships. Scotland Europa has a membership arm which includes most of the Scottish public sector as well as other strategic partners active in EU projects and beyond. They work with members, the Scottish Government and wider stakeholders to raise Scotland’s profile in the EU and to increase the level of expertise and knowledge of European issues within Scotland.


Scottish businesses in Net-Zero and Low Carbon Sectors

Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC), part of Scottish Enterprise, support businesses in the low carbon sectors to apply for European collaborative funding calls. SEGEC can support businesses to identify relevant funding opportunities; find collaboration partners and develop bids.


Research Partnering

Scottish Enterprise hosts Enterprise Europe Network Scotland who run partnering events throughout the year and can help SMEs with partner searches across the Enterprise Europe Network.