Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) flagged topics in Horizon 2020

Social Sciences and Humanities research across Horizon 2020.

The importance of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020 continues to be emphasised by the EC.

The Integrating SSH research across Horizon 2020 is essential to maximise the returns to society from investment in science and technology. Integrating the socio-economic dimension into the design, development and implementation of research itself and of new technologies can help find solutions to societal problems. The idea to focus Horizon 2020 on \'challenges\' rather than disciplinary fields of research illustrates this new approach.

In order to identify the calls for proposals where Social Sciences and Humanities are prevalent the Participant Portal now contains a full listing where SSH has been tagged within the topics.

This can be found at,topics=flags/s/SSH/1/1&+callStatus/asc