SW Scotland Youth Employment Initiative launched!

The Scottish Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) with £60m of ESF available to tackle youth unemployment in the south west of Scotland has now been launched! The funding comes from an EU scheme which targets areas across Europe with the highest levels of youth joblessness.  Activity will assess the skills gap among young people in South West Scotland and help those who are unemployed into sustainable employment through tailored education and training. 

The Scottish Funding Council and 11 local authorities in the eleigible region are Lead Partners within Strategic Interventions which will be able to use the funds until December 2018 on initiatives supporting young people.

The strategic aims of the Youth Employment Initiative Strategic Interventions are:

  • the sustainable integration into the labour market of young people, in particular those not in employment, education or training, including young people at risk of social exclusion and young people from marginalised communities.
  • to reduce the number of unemployed, long-term unemployed and inactive, and socially excluded young people in South West Scotland.

To apply to the Youth Employment Initiative fund contact SFC or your Local Authority in South West Scotland for further information.

Scottish Government Press Release 

BBC News 

Ingrid Green - Scotland Europa