The latest Scottish projects showcased by the European Commission

Over the last few months projects featuring Scottish partners have featured on the European Commission’s magazine.

These demonstrate Scotland’s contribution to Europe’s research and Innovation agenda which is (via its investments) resulting in breakthroughs in key scientific areas.

The 5 featured projects  in the Health, Food and ICT fields have been funded either by the FP7, CIP or Horizon 2020 programmes and involve both industry, public sector and academic collaborations. 


Horizon 2020 Project

Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy

The EC Info centre have also featured a dedicated article on the University of Edinburgh Strength2Food Horizon 2020 Project

The article  highlights the strides that this ongoing project has already made in its first six months. It also notes that ‘it is probably the first project at EU level to look at public food procurement in depth’  having the wide ranging objectives  of  “to improve the effectiveness of the EU’s food quality schemes – the ones associated with protected designations of origin,  to improve the effectiveness of public sector food procurement  and is to stimulate the development of short food supply chains.”

To find out more visit:

EC Article: Buy locally, buy quality: sustainability in public food procurement
Project Website:


Horizon 2020 Project

Navigating to a Healthy Weight

On a feature on the focusing on the use of weight loss apps and their  scientific merit the EC focus on three projects including the NoHoW collaboration in which the James Hutton Institute plays a key role.

The project (in which you can be part of the trial) looks at which techniques work best for Weight Loss Maintenance and how different people change their behaviour to maintain their weight loss. This will contribute to the development of a toolkit will include a set of mobile apps, web-based tools and inputs from other technologies, such as smart scales and activity trackers.

EC Article: Researchers give weight loss apps much needed scientific merit
Project Website:


FP7 Project


Neural transplantation in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's Disease

The recent article Brain cell transplants could help treat Parkinson’s disease  highlighted the work completed in the FP7 TRANSEURO project which finished last year. The project was coordinated by the University of Cambridge and involved Thermo Fisher Scientific (Formally Life Technologies Limited).  The work that has been completed could pave the way for the first in-human transplant trial replacing brain cells with stem cells.

To find out more visit:

EC Article: Brain cell transplants could help treat Parkinson’s disease
Project Website:


FP7 Project


Control of meiotic recombination: from Arabidopsis to crops

The FP7 MC-ITN - Networks for Initial Training project featured within the ‘Can CRISPR feed the world?, article. This project which includes the James Hutton Institute (JHI) is an example of industrial, research and academic organisations working together to  help fight plant diseases that cause famine. The work at  JHI includes the Influence of temperature on crossover (CO) formation in barley (More information can be found here).

To find out more visit:

EC Article:Can CRISPR feed the world?
Project Website:


ICT PSP Project


UNIversal solutions in TElemedicine Deployment for European HEALTH care

The NHS 24 (SCOTLAND) lead  ICT PSP funded  United4Health for health project is one of the two projects highlighted which is contributing to developments in the use of technology to improve healthcare, specifically telehealth solutions to remotely diagnose or treat people

This approach of utilising new techmology is crucial as Europe faces an ageing population and a rise in long-term health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Telemedicine empowers these types of patients to take steps to help themselves at home, while staying in touch with medical experts via technology.

EC Article: A robotic doctor is gearing up for action
Project Website: 

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