This week’s Scottish News: Scottish FP7 projects results recognised by the EC.

Each week the European Commission Horizon Magazine highlights topical events and updates on successful projects. 

This week three of the projects reporting significant breakthroughs featured involved Scottish universities or companies that  received financial support via the Seventh Framework Programme.

These includes:

MARCAR  (bioMARkers and molecular tumor classification for non-genotoxic CARcinogenesis ) whose consortia include the University of Dundee, CXR Biosciences Limited and the University of Edinburgh.

The EC reported that one promising molecule identified by MARCAR researchers seems to flag when liver cells are being set back to an early stage, which represents one step on the road towards cancer.

‘This is very exciting, because there is a lack of predictive biomarkers in the field of drug-induced tumour formation,’ said Dr Moggs. The hope is for regulatory authorities to one day accept some of these tell-tale molecules as alternatives to carrying out two-year animal tests.

Two feature projects focused on how marine species, particularly but not exclusively big mammals, can be deeply affected by noise pollution.

AQUO (Achieve QUieter Oceans by shipping noise footprint reduction)  whose research team featuring the University of Strathclyde studied ships as noise sources, the noise propagation from shipping in the oceans, and marine animals' sensitivity to noise.

ANIMALSOUNDSENSORS (On-animal sound sensors: long-term sound and movement recording tags for studying how environmental noise affects animals)  

The project is lead by the University of St Andrews  and the team has developed and deployed miniature tags to record movement and sounds. The objective was to quantify the long-term exposure to man-ma de noises, and work out how this changes the behaviour of marine mammals.

To read more the full magazine article please follow the following links

You can also read more about the projects results via the Cordis website or the dedicated project websites

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