UWS leading in the development 5G Network through SliceNet

The European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme supported SliceNet have recently released a six minute YouTube video which highlights the results of the projects research and its collaboration with another Horizon 2020 project Matilda.

SliceNet focuses on network slicing as a cornerstone technology in 5G networks. It is being delivered by the University of the West of Scotland together with 15 other partners from across 10 different countries with the German company EURESCOM as its coordinator.

SliceNet have partnered with Matilda to create a holistic, innovative framework for design development, orchestration of 5G ready applications and network services over sliced programmable infrastructures.

In the video Prof. Qi Wang from the University of the West of Scotland outlines how SliceNet has developed several technical innovations which contribute to the 5G corridor concept, which is happening right now throughout Europe. This enables close collaboration among 5G operators by removing the technical barriers. It also allows multiple vertical business to adopt 5G technologies easily, customising their own business through a plug and play approach.

It leverages AI to create smart service and enable smart operations for 5G network operators using different tools such as:

  • 5G smart grid self-healing;
  • E-health connected ambulance; and
  • 5G smart city intelligence lighting systems

Alongside Orange Romania they have created the Smart City Intelligent Lighting use case showing how street lighting can be monitored and controlled by a central point, helping with lighting issues, saving costs and providing feedback on the system.

Workshop participants learnt how the project focussed on end to end cognitive networking slicing and slice management frameworks in virtualised multi-domain and multi-tenants 5G networks within virtual industries.

Find out more about SliceNet from Cordis (European Commission's primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU's framework programmes for research and innovation) and project webite SliceNet.

The full video can be viewed on the SLICENET YouTube channel.


Richard Buxbaum - Scotland Europa - NCP Services
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