Water4All Joint Transnational Call 2022 Pre-Announcement

The joint transnational call will be launched on Thursday 1 September, 2022 in the framework of the European partnership Water4All. It will support research and innovation projects aimed at delivering knowledge, models, approaches, tools and methodologies to better understand hydrological processes at different scale, in order to respond more efficiently to emerging water issues related to extreme events.

In line with the strategic objectives of Water4All, the results of the projects will contribute to the implementation of evidence-based, global, EU and national water management policies and strategies, within the frameworks of the Green Deal, the Water Framework Directive, Just Transition and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, governance playing a key role in water challenges, the 2022 Joint Transnational Call will seek for innovative governance models, and enhanced participation of stakeholders in water management issues related to extreme events.

EPSRC is a funding partner and UK researchers are eligible to apply. For more information please refer to the Water4All website.

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